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Blending in beautifully with the natural surroundings, the development will consist of three story condominiums along with bespoke detached homes.

With a firm commitment in keeping the project green, vast areas of the landscape will remain untouched. Therefore, both residents and visitors alike can enjoy both the large expansion of vegetation and the stunning white sandy beach, as nature intended. All restaurants, pools, and other facilities will be cleverly integrated into the existing environment, thus producing one of the most stylish and desirable complexes in the whole of Thailand.

Many have travelled through this area on their way to and from Bangkok, or to take one of the ferries to one of the many beautiful islands; but few have taken the time to stop and explore this unspoiled, idyllic and unique province.

When we first saw the endless beautiful beaches, where mass tourism had not yet set foot, we knew we had found Utopia! The perfect place for our beach project!


Location Information

Chumphon City is located 440 km from Bangkok / Chumphon airport is 10 minutes from Coral Beach.There are 3 flights daily from Bangkok (morning, afternoon and evening). Flight time is 1 hour, and the airport is small and intimate and therefore is very fast and easy going in and out. Price roundtrip approximately 3000-4000 baht. Chumphon Airport is 15 minutes from Coral Beach.

For those who want to try the “Orient Express” there are several trains every day and a short distance to the train station.

There are three buses daily from Bangkok to Chumphon. Travel time is approximately 8 hours.

Driving time from Bangkok is around 6 hours on motorways.


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